Health & Wellness
In The Workplace

Create a culture of well-being with Employment Health Services
through nutritional counseling and healthy lifestyle coaching.
By improving lifestyle behaviors, you can reduce on-site
risk factors, medical costs and increase productivity.

Occupational Health & Wellness Solutions

Injury Prevention

EHS offers injury prevention education and coaching for companies striving to reduce workers' compensation costs and injury rates. EHS improves employee safety through soft-tissue active release techniques, and powerlift training, to guide workers in the proper handling of items while at work.

Rehabilitation After Workplace Injury

Our facility offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program to help restore lost function and minimize pain. We provide passive and active rehabilitation to help your employees manage and restore physical impairments.

Off-Site Treatment & Evaluation

EHS offers comprehensive, quality treatments for employees who do experience on-site work compensation claims. We prescribe the best treatment for a quick and safe recovery, and minimize the time out of work with minimal healthcare costs.

Facilitation Of Return-To-Work Status

EHS can coordinate your employee’s return-to-work plan. Our program is designed to minimize short- and long-term disability claims. We focus on the patient’s "work ability" and modify their work assignments as needed for those who cannot perform their regular assigned duties safely.