Nutritional Counseling

Your eating habits impact every aspect of your life, our clinic provides nutritional assessment counseling for patients interested.

Nutritional Assessments & Counseling

For the past several years, any food substance has been fair game for research and speculation, from the cranberries that were once thought to cause cancer to the oat bran that is now thought to lower cholesterol - or does it? Bombarded with nutritional information, Americans are developing an enlightened awareness about healthy eating. Confusing and conflicting nutritional studies have left consumers feeling bewildered, leading many to seek the services of nutrtion counselolrs and dieticians.

Certified Nutritionist

Employment Health Service's doctors have been accredited and certified by the state of Wisconsin to provide nutrition assessments and recommendations based upon your individual needs. The nutritional assessments can provide insight for all aspets of your life, including wellness, performance care and specific dietary concerns.

Nutritional Assessments

Wellness begins with nutrition, low energy and fatigue can be caused by poor diet. Our doctors can complete laboratory evaluations, including blood and urine analysis to provide you with nutritional guidance.

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Our doctors offer nutritional counseling for various ailments, including but not limited to fibromalgia, premenstrual syndrome, chronic constipation, low blood sugar, urinary tract infection and chronic fatigue. Many people can benefit from nutritional counseling. We want to make sure you have proper nutritional advice and supplementation.