PowerLift Safety
Training Program

Reduce employee lifting and material-handling injuries.
• Back pain is the #1 reason workers file for workmans comp.
• Over 50% of all back injuries result from lifting.
• Over 90% of all back injuries result in sprains and strains.
• Over 97% of every healthcare dollar is spent on treatment.
• Only 3% of every healthcare dollar is spent on prevention.

Workplace Injury Prevention PowerLift Training

Injury Prevention

Repetitive lifting activities, with incorrect form, can lead to workplace injury. By utilizing the PowerLift technique companies are having a 50 to 100% reduction in job-related incidents.

PowerLift Technique

The PowerLift method retains the spine in a neutral position with a wide-stance to prevent injury, unlike the traditional straight back and lift-squat forms that can cause excess force to the back and over extend the spine.

Lifting Techniques For Workers In Any Industry

Our facility will show you safer, easier and stronger lifting positions to perform activities properly and help protect against injury to your back.

PowerLift Training

We will train the employee how to utilize the PowerLift, we will observe their lift practices and correct form as needed to handle the most unusual loads safely and lift safer.

PowerLift Training Prevents The High Cost Of Injury

Many Fortune 500 companies are using the PowerLift method to prevent work related injuries:

  • US Postal Service
  • SuperValue
  • 3M Companies
  • Sanimax